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What is the uniform for Krav Maga?

Updated: Feb 7

For those in the beginner class, the only thing you need to have for your uniform is the black Krav Maga t-shirt that we provide you at the start of the session.

For those in the intermediate and advanced classes, your uniform is the Krav Maga t-shirt and solid black pants or shorts with your IKMF Krav Maga oval patch, and your yellow rank patch below the oval patch, both above the left knee. We highly recommend sewing on the velcro backing of the patches so that they are securely attached to your pants, and so you can switch out your rank patch for the next level when you pass your next exam.

Here's an example of what the uniform should look like:

Please see Required Training Gear for a list of equipment you need to have for each class.

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