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Private Group Classes

If you have a group who you would like to book self-defence training for, we have flexible options to meet your needs. Note: if you have a group of one to two people, please book a Private Lesson.

Private group classes are ideal for:

  • Safety meetings

  • Team building activities

  • Corporate lunch-and-learns

  • Staff personal safety training (if your organization often interacts with agitated public or high risk individuals)

  • Community associations or church groups

  • Students associations

  • Teen day camps or extra-curricular groups

  • Bachelor or bachelorette parties

  • A group with any sort of physical limitation or restriction (such as a wheelchair basketball team, or group of seniors), please see our Adaptive Program for more information on how we work with you!

  • Any other groups who wants to have some fun and learn some practical skills to keep yourself safe.

Class options:

  • A single class or an ongoing series of classes can be booked.

  • Classes are typically 1 hour long for a standard beginner class, 3 hours for a seminar, or 7 hours for a comprehensive crash course. We can also customize classes and lengths of time to meet specific needs.

  • Classes can be scheduled daytime, evenings or weekends, based on the availability of the instructors.

  • Classes can be either fully physical technique, or a combination of lecture and physical technique. Some seminars we offer include the following:

    • Stay Away - 3 hour personal safety and self-defence seminar designed specfically from a women's physical and psychological standpoint. It teaches awareness, intuition, how to enforce physical boundaries, basic blocks and strikes and builds confidence. Program was designed by the IKMF and has been taught to over 90,000 women all over the world.​

    • Safe & Strong - 3 hour seminar/workshop which is part lecture, part physical technique. Lecture topics include how to recognize danger, managing fear, our rights and limits with regards to defending ourselves, and what to do when encountering high risk individuals. It also includes physical technique including how to stand, move, keep your distance, block strikes and counter-strikes.

    • Customized program - We can tailor a program to your group or organization's specific needs and environment.


Note: If you do not have enough individuals to book your own seminar, please register for one of our open seminars! 

For more information, and to discuss pricing and scheduling, please contact us.

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