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Adaptive Self-Defence Lessons and Classes

Most of those with physical limitations are very capable of defending themselves. 

Self-defence technique and strategy is modified to suit each individual's unique capabilities and strengths.

Why the Adaptive Program?

Those with physical limitations are often seen as easy targets by criminals due to their perceived inability to resist or escape and therefore at greater risk of attack. Therefore it's extra important for you to learn how to defend yourself. Whether it's a new or persistent injury to a particular part of the body or brain that won't heal, or reduced mobility due to age or a condition (such multiple sclerosis, polio or cerebral palsy), or a restriction that you have from birth or that developed over the course of your life, you too can learn how to defend yourself, and it's very important that you do.

How does the Adaptive Program work?

The IKMF (International Krav Maga Federation) Adaptive program is a highly flexible and adaptable system of self-defence to meet the abilities and needs of the defender. Our certified adaptive instructor, Dave, starts with a one-on-one evaluation of your current abilities and develops a custom training program to suit your specific strengths, risks and needs. Then we go to work to train with you so you can feel confident, capable and at peace while out in the world living your life.

Who is the Adaptive Program for?

Adapted self-defence technique can be developed for those with:

  • Reduced mobility, who can still move around without any aid but cannot run or move quickly

  • Reduced mobility, who use wheelchairs, scooters, canes, walkers, crutches or other mobility-assisted devices

  • Limited range of motion in spine and/or limbs

  • Absent limb(s) or digit(s)

  • Visual limitations

  • Auditory limitations

  • And more

Let's get started!

For Individuals

If you are an individual who would like us to work with you on a custom self-defence program, please book a Private Lesson with us. The Adaptive evaluation and program development is included in the price and is no extra cost. Please see our Private Lessons for Individuals page for more information on rates and to book with us!

For Groups

If you are a group with similar types of capabilities, such as a wheelchair basketball team, or a group of visually-impaired community members, we are able to do a group assessment and then do a group self-defence class. The assessment and modified class curriculum are offered at no additional price. Please see our Private Classes for Groups for more information! To book, please Contact Us to request a group class!

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