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Beginner Krav Maga Classes

Learn the essential skills necessary to stay safe in real life, not just on the mat.

Learn awareness, and physical tools to escape and defend, and build confidence in a safe, fun inclusive community!

Beginner co-ed classes are for adults and teens who would like to become confident and proficient in the basics of defending themselves in real life. Whether you have done little to no IKMF Krav Maga before, or have done other martial arts or sports, or are not physical at all, everyone is welcome to start in the beginner class. It is open to the public, ages 12 and up (please see Kids classes for ages 6-14.) Each session is 3 months (12 weeks) with the optional exam on the last day. Beginners work toward achieving their first level (P1) and can then grow and progress through the different levels if they choose to take the exam.

Please read our FAQ section for any additional questions about the exam (including cost), uniform, age, level of fitness, past trauma and more.

When are classes?

  • Choose the class that works best for your schedule:

    • Mondays & Wednesdays 6-7pm

    • Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-7pm

  • 2024 class schedule is:​

    • January 8th to March 28th​

    • April 8th to June 27th

    • September 16th to December 5th


How much are classes?

Get a Tip of Spear Krav Maga t-shirt for free when you register for beginner classes! The t-shirt is the uniform for class.​

Register For Beginner Classes


Choose which class best fits your schedule!

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Need Financial Options?

... for yourself?

If paying the full tuition amount upfront isn't financial feasible for you, please contact us to request monthly payment options. 


... for your kids?

Do you have kids or teens (ages 12-18) who would love to take Krav Maga lessons, but it's out of your budget?

  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart offers grants for kids who want to take multi-week long physical activity programs, and our Krav Maga classes qualify! Go to Canadian Tire Jumpstart to learn more and apply now.

  • KidSport supports children who need financial assistance with sport registration fees, such as our Beginner class tuition. Go to KidSport Edmonton to learn more and apply for a grant now.


What do you learn in the beginner class?

We cover the IKMF curriculum for the first level of Krav Maga (P1, or Practitioner 1). This includes learning:

  • Stances and movement

  • How to fall safely and get up quickly

  • Basic strikes such as palm-heel strikes, punches, kicks, elbows, hammers

  • Defenses against punches, slaps or hooks

  • Knife defense

  • Choke and headlock defenses

  • Defending using common objects (such as purse or bag)

  • Defending against multiple attackers

  • Increasing awareness, managing fear, understanding how attacks happen and building confidence

  • And more!


Students are given the option to test for the P1 level at the end of the session for an additional fee. If a student attends the majority of the classes, they should be more than prepared to take the exam if they choose. Taking the exam allows them to move to the Intermediate Class and work on their next level. Testing is not mandatory as we encourage students to work at their own pace.


Please read our FAQ section for any additional questions about the exam (including cost), uniform, age, level of fitness, past trauma and more.

Still Need to Think About it?


We understand it's a big decision and your time, money and energy is precious! We want you to make the right decision for you. Here are some things to help if you're not sure if you're ready to start:

  • Check out our Instagram account to see video clips from our actual classes!

  • Take a 3-hour seminar to get a feel for the technique and instruction.

  • Take a private lesson or two to get a feel for what the technique and our instructors are like.

  • Take our free 30 minute lecture to learn about what Krav Maga is, where it came from and how it works, from our instructor Dave!

What's Next?

Once you've registered and purchased your classes, make sure you sign the waiver that is emailed to you, get your Required Gear, and read Attending Your First Class for information on coming to your first class. Then, let's have some fun in class!

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