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  • Isn't Krav Maga a martial art? What's the difference?
    Read our article Krav Maga: The Anti-Martial Art for a thorough explanation on why it's not a martial art.
  • Can I come watch or try a class to decided if I want to register?
    We try to create the safest space for our students, so it can be uncomfortable to have someone they don't know watching them as they train. As such, we typically don't allow observers to our class, except if it's a parent who is watching their teen under 18 years old, or if it's family or friends that want to watch and cheer them on during an exam. If you want to see what classes are like, please check out the many videos on our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Or if you want to try out a class, attend a 3 hour Saturday morning seminar or book a private lesson to try it out yourself!
  • I have an injury or physical limitation. Can I take classes?
    Krav Maga is intended for everyone, especially those with physical limitations. Those with physical limitations are often considered "easy target" as they are sitting ducks by those who have ill intentions. Krav Maga can be modified to account for any physical limitation or injury so you can feel confident knowing you can keep yourself safe regardless. If you're not sure if group classes or private lessons are a better fit for you, please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your situation and options!
  • My fitness level isn't very good. Will I be able to keep up?
    You are enough to start, just as you are! One question we often get is whether or not someone is good enough, fit enough, or has enough experience to start. Our answer is always: wherever you are at is perfect. All students are encouraged to work at their pace, while continually challenging themselves. Students will never be forced to do something they don't feel comfortable doing. We are here to learn, grow and get better, in our fitness, skills, awareness and confidence!
  • What ages are welcome to train? Am I too young? Too old?
    All of our classes are adult classes and are open to ages 12+ (with parental consent if they are a minor). We currently do not have any children's programs, and encourage children who are grade 1 and younger to focus on fitness, coordination and fun through other activities. We have no limit to the age or our participants and often have individuals attend who are in their 60s and 70s. These individuals work at their own pace and speed for what's comfortable for them, working around injuries or challenges with their body. Body limitations should be a reason why someone should train, rather than why they should not, as assailants often choose individuals who are more vulnerable.
  • I'm interested in taking classes but I'm afraid of getting injured. What are my chances of getting injured?
    All training is done in a safe, controlled and highly supervised environment with certified instructors. Although injury is always possible with any physical activity, we ensure all technique is taught in a safe manner to reduce risk of injury or accidents. We focus on ensuring the student learns the technique properly before adding additional stress and aggression training.
  • I have experience physical altercations or abuse in the past. Is this a safe environment for me to learn?
    Yes, absolutely. We have students from all different backgrounds and levels of trauma. We are sensitive to this and can ensure the method of delivery of the training is unique for you. We have a highly supportive group of instructors and students that can help, even if you do get triggered. Students are encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace, have fun and grow their confidence!
  • What equipment do I need to have in order to train?
    Read our article Required Gear for all info on what you need to train safely.
  • How long do I need to train before I become proficient in Krav Maga?
    This depends on you. We work hard to ensure that students have tools coming out of their very first class that they can use right away. Students who attend two classes per week, give 100% effort in their training, and who are highly coachable usually progress quite quickly through the system. The more you train (physically or mentally reviewing technique in your mind at home), the quicker the muscle memory builds and the more proficient you become. We have many stories of students who successfully used what was taught in class to help them in real life!
  • Is there a uniform I have to buy and wear?
    For beginners, there is no mandatory uniform. Beginners are welcome to purchase a Tip of Spear Krav Maga tshirt when they feel ready. If you want to do your test at the end of beginner session, you will need to wear a Tip of Spear Krav Maga tshirt and black pants or shorts, as this is the "uniform" required by IKMF.
  • What type of commitment do I have to make to train?
    For beginners, we want to see brand new students give Krav Maga a solid try before deciding whether they want to continue. We believe students won't know if it's a good fit, develop a solid foundation or have a good sense as to what training will be like until they've taken the Beginner Session and studied with us for 3 months. If a student is still not sure if they want to commit to a 3 month Beginner session, they are welcome to register for a Flexi-Pass, register for a 3-hour Personal Protection seminar, or register for a Private Lesson. For intermediate and advanced students, there is no commitment for the monthly pass, and no penalty for cancelling at any time. As long as we have room in the class and they are at least a P1 level, the passes are available for purchase and the individual is welcome to attend.
  • I want to register for classes but I can only attend once per week due to work/school. Can I / should I still register? How do I keep up with the rest of the class?
    If you are only able to attend once per week or have an inconsistent evening schedule due to work or school, we recommend registering for the Flexi-Pass. With this monthly pass, you can take up to 4 classes per month and choose to attend the classes that best fit your schedule for each week, Monday to Thursday. Simply book the class you want to attend on our app prior to the class and show up! This is a monthly subscription that can be paused or cancelled at any time. Note that unused classes cannot be carried over to the following month. For those who register for a Regular 3 Month Beginner session and miss a class, we always post what we cover in class in our Beginner class group chat on our app, so you know what you missed. We also go over technique multiple times over the three months so you'll have an opportunity to practice it another class. And of course, we always encourage our students to practice at home!
  • Why do you charge more overall for those who pay for Beginner classes on a monthly basis?
    We charge $325+GST as the one-time tuition for Beginner classes. For those who choose to make a 3-part payment and pay monthly, we split the charge up into 3 payments ($108.33+GST) and add an additional $26.67+GST service fee per month to handle the extra administration of tracking and ensuring all payments get processed properly.
  • I registered for classes. Now what?
    Once you've registered and purchased your session or pass, read Attending Your First Class for information on coming to your first class including what gear to bring. Then, let's have some fun in class!
  • How does the testing process work?
    We offer the option to test at the end of each Beginner session. If a student does not feel ready to test, they are welcome to continue training and to test at the next date. The test takes place during the last regularly scheduled class and is usually 2 hours long. Students will be tested on all the curriculum for the P1 level along with a small amount of fitness. Students must wear a Tip of Spear IKMF shirt and black pants or shorts to test. When the student passes their test, they receive: a certificate, their IKMF passport (which shows all dates of all levels tested and allows them to train at any IKMF studio internationally), their IKMF patch and their P1 patch (both to be worn on their pants or shorts going forward). The test is $100+GST. After the student passes their P1 exam, they are invited to join the Intermediate class to begin working on their P2 level. For levels P2 and up, testing is offered twice per year, and is up to the student whether they feel like they know the curriculum well enough to test. Testing for all other levels is $50+GST. Testing is never mandatory but encouraged to continue to challenge themselves with progressively more complex situations and technique.
  • The beginner session has already started. Can I still register?
    If registration has been closed for the Regular Beginner session, you are welcome to register for the Monthly Beginner classes, or wait until the next Regular Beginner session. Make sure you sign up for our emails to be notified!
  • I'm registering for Intermediate or Advanced training halfway through the season. Would it be better to wait until the next session? Will I be left behind if I start now?
    For our Intermediate and Advanced classes, we don't have sessions where the class all goes at the same pace together. As long as we have room, students are welcome to start at any time and will train at their own pace. If you would like to register for Intermediate or Advanced classes, please contact us.
  • Why are there monthly passes for Intermediate and Advanced Classes?
    Monthly passes work best for us and our intermediate and advanced students for several reasons. Monthly passes are ideal for students who want to train regularly with us, are dedicated to advancing in their levels and can attend during the week in the evenings. Please note that if you purchase a pass with us, there is no requirement to attend every single class, but it is encouraged. Being a member allows you to attend all of the classes of your level within the IKMF Rank. Membership gives you access to the training centre for additional material and information on IKMF Krav Maga. Membership also pays back into the club for equipment and group social activities. Plus, it allows us to focus on training, rather than the hassle of handling payment for individual classes. Your investment is not only in the club, but back into you!
  • What is your refund policy?
    Please see our Policy page for all of our policies, including our refund policy.
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