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Intermediate Krav Maga Classes

Intermediate co-ed classes are for those who have passed their first level (P1) and want to work towards their P2 and P3 levels. In some classes we work as a big group on families of technique which are similar (all types of choke defenses for example), and some classes we split up into our respective levels to train on specific curriculum for each level.


When are classes?

  • Classes are Mondays & Wednesday OR Tuesdays & Thursdays, 7-8pm.

  • These classes operate on a continuous basis, with no set sessions. No classes in the month of August.

  • Options to test are given one to two times per year.

How much are classes?

Monthly rate: $119+GST

With your monthly pass, you get:

  • up to 10 classes per month (as low as $12 per class!)

  • 1-3 certified instructors

  • access to heavy bag and gym equipment, as requested and available

  • discounts on other TOS courses*

*Specific classes are offered at discounted rates on an occasional basis

Register For Intermediate Classes

To register, please Contact Us.

Things to know!

Passes automatically renew every month and credit cards are charged monthly based on the day of your first payment. Monthly plans can be cancelled at any time without penalty by logging into your account on our website or app and cancelling the pass, or contacting us by email. Our policies are posted and there is no fine print or contract. Read more about why we have monthly passes in our FAQ section.

Required Gear

Safety is important! As such we require our students to wear protective gear during certain activities. See our Required Gear article for more info on what to get!

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