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Types of Classes We Offer


Beginner Classes

New to Krav Maga? Get started by taking beginner classes! Learn fundamentals to stay safe in real life in a 3 month session.


Private Lessons

Need a bit more coaching and support in your training? Private lessons for individuals can make it easier if you're not sure you can do group classes, or if you want to grow quickly.


Advanced Classes

For levels P3 and up! Keep progressing your skills and work your way through the levels.



Women's Classes

Want to learn how to defend yourself as a woman in a safe, women's only class, taught by women?


Private Group Classes

Looking for a fun yet practical activity to do for a group of adults or kids? Our instructors are able to accommodate one or multiple private classes for groups.


Instructor Courses

For certified IKMF Krav Maga instructors! Continual skill and growth development opportunities.


Personal Protection Seminars

Want to learn how to stay safe, but can't commit to regular classes? Attend a 3 hour seminar to learn the basics. Monthly seminars have different focuses.


Intermediate Classes

Passed your first level exam? Then you are ready to join the intermediate class! For levels P1 and P2.

Group Class Schedule

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