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How to Manage your Tip of Spear Account

For those who are existing customers, this article outlines how to manage your current Tip of Spear Krav Maga account with us, both on the app and on our website (

On our App

On our app, Fit by Wix, you do have the ability to do some basic functions. To access your personal information, click on the icon in the top left of the page, then on your name in the bottom of the page.

You can update your profile, including your name, contact info and photo.

You can cancel your monthly subscription (pass/membership). Note: if you would like to pause your membership, please email us at

You can see which Personal Protection Seminars you registered for and their details under Events. To book a seminar or exam on the app, from the main screen, tap on the Seminars and Exams menu item.

And you can manage your Private Lesson bookings or Flexi-Pass bookings under Bookings. And you can see your orders. To book a Private Lesson or Beginner Class with your Flexi-Pass, go to the main screen of the app and tap Book Flexi-Pass/Private menu.

On our Website

If you need to do more advanced functions, like update your credit card, you can do so on our website. You can also see and manage all the personal account information as you can in the app above. To book seminars, exams, private lessons or Flexi-pass Beginner classes, please use our app.

To log in, scroll to the bottom of our website and in the footer, click on Member Log In.

You can update your Profile, My Account, Settings and Notifications.

You can update your monthly subscriptions (pass/memberships) under My Subscriptions.

You can update your credit card under My Wallet if you have a monthly subscription and your credit card has changed.

You can see all the orders you placed for gear or private lessons under My Orders.

You can see the details of all the Personal Protection Seminars you registered for under Events.

And you can manage your Private Lessons or Flexi-Pass bookings under More > My Bookings.

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