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Why I practice Krav Maga

I have asked people why they do their martial art. Responses have been from getting control of their life, to learning a defense because they experienced a particularly traumatic event in their life. Others do it for the sport with aspirations of competition. Some people do martial arts to learn how to hurt someone (ego and emotion being the downfall of most). Some people do it for the fitness. Some people do it for the feeling of belonging. Everyone has a different reason.

I practice Krav Maga so I can drink coffee.

Sound strange? Let me explain...

My entire life has been using violence in some form as a tool. I would attend different martial arts looking for one that fit the best. This was difficult as many did not fit the practical use category. Also, it had to work in the field. It had to be modern. It had to be easy, because it was not going to be used in a tournament, it was part of my professional options to protect my life.

Krav Maga gives people a sense of calm. It is effective, easy to learn and does not take night after night in a dojo to perfect. Nothing is perfect in real life. The principles taught in Krav Maga allow you to adapt technique to any situation. It is not a sport. It is a form that was built on a battlefield and can do serious injury. It also has "Soft Solutions" when required to fit the situation.

The confidence learned from Krav Maga allows you to enjoy your life. Enjoy your family and vacations. It allows you to recognize risk and have remedies (a plan) IF things go wrong. It can never be taken away from you. Like any learned skill it goes everywhere with you. A very valuable skill in this day and age.

So, now you know my secret. Enjoy your life, get in excellent shape, meet new friends, learn Krav Maga....and enjoy your coffee.

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