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How do you Progress in IKMF Krav Maga?

The IKMF has 18 levels which provide a framework for learning and building on technique and tactical competency. It has a patch-based, rather than a belt-based, ranking system. Once the physical exam is passed for the level in which the student was training in, a patch is given and worn on the student's pants to show the accomplishment.

The beginner levels of IKMF Krav Maga are Practitioner levels 1 through 5 (yellow patches below). The name "Practitioner" was created in order to show progression of a student. Students are continually learning and defining their technique to build a strong base of knowledge of self-defence. Our students study, practice and take notes to ensure they understand the technique and why they are doing what they are doing. The Practitioner levels take approximately 26 classes per level (for the average person) to feel ready to take their test.

"Graduate" levels 1 through 5 (blue patches below) show greater understanding and competence of all technique, also opening up different opportunities for training in the IKMF. As students get into higher levels, more time is required to perfect all technique taught and to become proficient enough to pass the exam.

"Expert" levels 1 through 5 (gold patch with yellow lettering), show the greatest understanding, application and continued development of skill and often take numerous years to progress from one level to the next.​

"Master" levels 1 through 3 are for those who have dedicated their lives to furthering the development of Krav Maga. There are only 3 Master levels worldwide: Avi Moyal (IKMF Chairman), Eli-Ben-Ami and Gabi Noah.

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